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    Is there a digital music showdown looming in 2009?

    Like everyone else, I was glued to the TV for the inauguration of Barack Obama to the US presidency. Later that night, as the media bounced from one inaugural ball to another, I was a little surprised to see a ball sponsored by the RIAA. I started thinking that just as Americans have high hopes for the new administration, the RIAA might have high hopes as well. After all, it has been a rather challenging couple years for them. I did a little searching on the internet, and here are a few interesting facts I dug up that might set the stage for a big digital music showdown for 2009.

    1. Obama’s pick for the third highest ranking spot at the justice department is Tom Perrelli. Tom has been one of the RIAA’s go-to lawyers for some of their most high profile cases involving file sharing
    2. In the past, Joe Biden, has urged the criminal prosecutions of copyright-infringing peer-to-peer users and tried to create a new federal felony involving playing unauthorized music.
    3. Congress has said it plans to take another look at, and potentially re-write, the copyright act in 2009

    I’m a copyright owner, so I’m definitely for the protection of copyrights, however, I am curious to see if the inevitable future of digital music is embraced, or if lobbyist like the RIAA will win the day and attempt to legislate away the digital music future. Let the games begin!