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Kevin is a Grammy nominated artist, podcaster, and indie musician advocate. He resides in Portland, OR where he is the Director of Marketing for CD Baby (cdbaby.com). Oh, yeah, he also plays guitar in Smalltown Poets.
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    Why Quitting MySpace is Stupid – For Now

    Apparently today is the 1st Annual Quit MySpace Day where musicians are being encouraged to dump their MySpace accounts. Yes, MySpace is a clunky, annoying, spammed filled experience, but for any serious artist/band, I think deleting your MySpace account is a serious mistake (for now). There are two reasons. 1. MySpace returns great search results […]

    Our Go at Fan Funding an Album

    My band, Hello Morning, is in the home stretch of our fan funding campaign to help raise the needed funds to finish off our new album (Just a couple days left). It’s been quite a learning experience that I will sum up in a later blog post once the campaign has officially concluded. At this […]