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Kevin is a Grammy nominated artist, podcaster, and indie musician advocate. He resides in Portland, OR where he is the Director of Marketing for CD Baby (cdbaby.com). Oh, yeah, he also plays guitar in Smalltown Poets.
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    Why Quitting MySpace is Stupid – For Now

    Apparently today is the 1st Annual Quit MySpace Day where musicians are being encouraged to dump their MySpace accounts. Yes, MySpace is a clunky, annoying, spammed filled experience, but for any serious artist/band, I think deleting your MySpace account is a serious mistake (for now). There are two reasons.

    1. MySpace returns great search results on Google with some search results featuring an audio player ready to stream popular songs by that artist.

    2. Press and music venues still find MySpace useful. I’m not sure why, but just about every venue and news outlet still tend to grab a band’s MySpace link over using their official website. My guess is that they know it’s a direct link to streaming audio of the artist’s music plus all the other band essentials.

    I find using MySpace just as frustrating as anyone else, but it takes zero effort to let my account sit there just in case. Until it’s officially dead or there is an obvious new replacement, I’ll keep my account open. I suggest other artists do the same.

    • http://www.cerebellumblues.com Jeff Shattuck

      Kevin, totally agree. If you let quit MySpace you will lose your URL, so if you ever want to re-up, you’ll have to come up with something pretty clunky. That said, MySpace is an affront to humanity.

    • Myles Lawrence

      Speak the truth man. This is hilarious, and so true! I’m glad I’ve kept mine though, because people do still ask for it. Aside from it being there, I think myspace needs a serious overhaul or a diet program or something before I’ll ever really “use” it.

    • http://www.robertleeking.com Robert Lee King

      myspace sucks, always has. Still there but only sign on when I receive an email that someone has sent me a message or comment. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

    • http://giantcicada.com Jon Burr

      MySpace loads painfully slow in Safari. It’s all about THEM, forcing page views (why can’t they just send you the messages?)
      It hangs my browser more often than not, and my OS and browsers are all current. It’s odious to update the page.

      It’s easy enough to create a page of streams on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Bottom line: get on the cloud. The description fields take links without additional coding- it’s easy to create a comprehensive, clean, fast-loading, useful page. Create secret sets to offer download…