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Kevin is a Grammy nominated artist, podcaster, and indie musician advocate. He resides in Portland, OR where he is the Director of Marketing for CD Baby (cdbaby.com). Oh, yeah, he also plays guitar in Smalltown Poets.
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    Sports talk radio gets it! Why doesn’t the music industry?

    I was driving in to work listening to sports talk radio, when the host, Colin Cowherd, said something very interesting. He was discussing another athlete who got caught smoking pot, and how some people just don’t care that this famous athlete broke the law. In reference to how people have come to view the law […]

    Is there a digital music showdown looming in 2009?

    Like everyone else, I was glued to the TV for the inauguration of Barack Obama to the US presidency. Later that night, as the media bounced from one inaugural ball to another, I was a little surprised to see a ball sponsored by the RIAA. I started thinking that just as Americans have high hopes […]