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Kevin is a Grammy nominated artist, podcaster, and indie musician advocate. He resides in Portland, OR where he is the Director of Marketing for CD Baby (cdbaby.com). Oh, yeah, he also plays guitar in Smalltown Poets.
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    Music will be free + Touring is where the money is = BS!

    When talking about the future of the music business, it’s become a trendy statement to say, “In the future, musicians will look to playing live and touring to make their money instead of selling CDs and mp3’s because music will be free.” Well, I’m not afraid to call those people out with a big BS […]

    The Paradox – Too Many Choices = No Decision

    I read an interview with Barry Schwartz who wrote, The Paradox of Choice: How More Is Less, and I have to say he put into words a lot of what I have been feeling as a music consumer and an artist. For the music consumer: The Paradox of Choice highlights that we have way too […]

    The Problem with Free – It can cost a lot!

    There is a “free” trend in music that I find pretty alarming. No, I’m not talking about the fact that more and more artists are choosing to give away their music for free. For an indie artist, giving away music can be an excellent means to draw music fans into what they’re doing and get […]